10 Packing Tips for Moving to a New State Easier

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You've probably heard that moving house is one of life's most stressful events, and a 2016 study backs up that anecdotal claim. In fact, fully 62% of respondents cited moving as the most stressful event!

The good news? There are some tried and true ways to keep your moving stress to a minimum. Check out these packing tips for moving, which will make it much easier to complete an interstate move.

Packing Tips for Moving Safely and Easily

If you know that you're going to be moving to a new home, you're probably tempted to start throwing everything you own into boxes. That's not the best method -- keep reading for smart strategies to keep in mind prior to a move -- but it's true that you should start as soon as possible.

As you get closer to moving day, the stress of such a big life change will start to ramp up. So anything you can cross off your list early in the process can be a big help.

Tip #1: Gather Your Supplies

A moving checklist can help keep you organized during this hectic time. Even better, buy a binder to store all of your paperwork, like receipts and the moving company's contract.

Collect sturdy cardboard boxes from liquor stores and supermarkets. A couple of markers and lots of packing tape are also good items to have on hand. You can even buy special rolls of tape that are marked "fragile -- handle with care" for labeling boxes of delicate items.

Tip #2: Get Organized

Tackle the packing project room by room. Start with infrequently used items, and leave the essentials for last. It's a good idea to clean each room after you've finished packing it up, too. That way, there's less to do after the moving company loads it all onto the truck.

As you pack, consider where those items will go in the new home. Label everything accordingly, to make unloading a breeze.

Tip #3: Think Outside the Box

Boxes are great for books, dishes, knick-knacks, and the like. But don't forget that you can use household items as packing supplies. For example, wrap glassware in your towels or pillowcases. Cushion large fragile items by tucking throw pillows into the box.

Press laundry baskets and storage bins into service as moving containers. Clothes on hangers can be simply secured together and wrapped in big trash bags.

Tip #4: Don't Pack Anything You Don't Have To

Moving house is an ideal time to clear out the clutter! As you organize your belongings, set aside items that can be sold or donated. Hold a garage sale or sell things on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Any cash you make can go toward the expenses of moving.

Of course, you can also donate unwanted goods to a charity. Many charities will come to pick up your donation, especially larger items like furniture.

Tip #5: Know What Can't Go With You

Check with your moving company to learn what items they won't move, for liability or safety reasons. Hazardous materials like gasoline, propane tanks, firearms and even cleaning supplies generally can't go on the truck.

Make it a point to use up any bleach, laundry detergent, and other liquids before you head to your new home. Whatever is left over can be given to neighbors or left behind for the next tenants.

Tip #6: What About Food?

Any containers of perishable food items that have already been opened will also have to stay behind. Plus, it doesn't make sense to pay for groceries to be moved. It will cost less to simply purchase everything again, once you're settled in your new city.

Do your best to clear out the fridge, freezer, and pantry as moving day approaches. Anything you don't eat can be donated to friends, neighbors, or in some cases, a food pantry.

Tip #7: Consider Your Destination

People who have packrat tendencies, who keep things "just in case," won't like this tip, but it can really help shave costs from your moving bill -- and save your sanity. If you live in Pennsylvania and are moving to Florida, you won't need your winter coats, snow shovel, or toboggans.

Plan on returning to visit relatives for the holidays? Ask if they can store your winter gear for you!

Tip #8: Pack an Essentials Bag or Box

Have each family member pack a small suitcase or duffel with their essential items. These bags will go with you, not on the moving truck. Include a change or two of clothes, any electronics and their chargers, personal care products, and prescription medications.

A household essentials box is also good to take along. Pack a roll of paper towels, one of toilet paper, disposable dinnerware, several garbage bags, energy bars, instant coffee, wet wipes -- anything you anticipate needing right away. If bad luck strikes and the truck is delayed, you'll be able to camp out in your new home without too much discomfort.

Tip #9: Keep Important Documents Close, Too

Imagine arriving in your new town and heading to the DMV for a new license -- only to discover that your birth certificate and other paperwork have been lost in the shuffle! Before you move, invest in a sturdy lockbox if you don't already have one.

Tax forms, Social Security cards, birth certificates, health records and school records should all be kept with you during the trip.

Tip #10: Let the Experts Help!

Last, the most important of all packing tips for moving: get help! You can always ask friends or relatives to pitch in, but to ensure that your valuables are handled with care -- and insured -- hire a moving company.

Of course, there will still be plenty for you and your family to do before you start your moving adventure. However, hiring professionals really helps ease stress. Not only can they transport your boxes to the new home, they can even pack your belongings safely and efficiently.

Wrapping Up

We hope you've found this list of packing tips for moving to be useful. While the process of moving house is never easy, a little organization can help everything go as smoothly as possible.

At Jack Treier Moving and Storage, we take pride in helping families relocate. We're safe, careful, considerate, and committed to doing the job right. If you are interested in a quote or have any questions about professional moving services, get in touch!