6 Reasons Commercial Movers Are a Necessity for Office Moves

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Looking to move office spaces in the near future, but aren't sure whether or not you need movers? Here are 6 reasons why commercial movers should be standard for any office moves!

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Perhaps your business has gone through a recent growth spurt and you need to look for new premises?

Who do you trust more to move your expensive equipment - your employees or commercial movers with years of experience?

We are assuming it's the latter! Relocating an office comes with its fair share of stress. That's why moving your equipment should be left to the professionals.

The best part? Commercial movers do all the unpacking, re-installing, fitting and setting up for you.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should hire professionals to assist in your office relocation.

6 Reasons to Hire Commercial Movers for Your Office Relocation

The bottom line is this: your employees weren't hired because of their packing and moving skills.

They already have enough on their plates with having to juggle tasks and deadlines because of the office relocation.

So adding even more responsibility in tasking them with moving your office just seems a little unfair. This can greatly affect morale and overall productivity.

To add to this, commercial relocation is a whole other ball game when compared to a residential move as you'll need to reduce downtime as much as possible.

This is where a professional moving guide can really help get your business set up and back on track. Here are 6 reasons to hire commercial movers:

1. Minimize Business Downtime

Hiring professionals to get the job done means your employees can focus on their day-to-day tasks with minimal disruption.

Otherwise, instead of continuing with business as usual, they would be wasting precious business hours on packing boxes and moving furniture.

Ultimately, this could affect feelings of morale and lead to feelings of resentment, only increasing unproductivity. You also put your company at a risk both legally and financially when relying on employees to help with an office relocation.

Accidents happen where an employee could fall, injure themselves or pull a muscle and look to the company for compensation. In the process, expensive equipment could become damaged and need to be replaced - only adding to financial woes. Don't take the risk and use the services of professional movers!

2. They Have the Right Equipment for the Job

Ever tried to disassemble an office cubicle without the right equipment? It's easier said than done!

This is yet another reason why commercial movers are ideal for office moves - they have the right equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

They also have moving and flatbed trucks which are made to carry your hefty office equipment such as printers, Xerox machines, servers, and more.

Reduce your stress levels and rely on professionals with the tools, know-how, and manpower to get the job done in a timely, organized fashion.

3. They Help with Office Installation

Could there be anything worse than packing up your office, moving all your equipment, and then being left to reinstall and set it all up, on your own?

This is the reality of relocating your business without the help of professionals. It's all on you and it's a tremendous amount of pressure!

The beauty of hiring a commercial mover is that they not only disassemble, pack and move your office, but they also help to reinstall and unpack everything.

This also helps to minimize your downtime as movers go about their business and your employees go about theirs.

With just a little guidance here and there, your new office space could be up and fully functional with the help of professionals in half the time.

4. It Saves You Money

Hiring the help of professionals saves you money - how is that possible? Let's weigh up the costs if you were to relocate your office on your own:

  1. You would no doubt have to hire a moving truck for office furniture and equipment.
  2. You would have to purchase both moving and packing materials.
  3. You may have to hire or purchase tools to disassemble office furniture (i.e., office cubicles).
  4. You would spend hours on packing, cleaning and moving- eating into precious business hours and productivity.
  5. Employees could become overworked, disgruntled and even more unproductive.

Not only is relocating your office on your own financially draining, but it will also majorly affect your business downtime. It's no secret that this ultimately affects your bottom line.

A commercial moving company will generally offer you a well-priced package to suit your needs, which covers all the costs listed above.

You can ask for a quote which best suits your budget and professional movers can work within this budget, saving you money, time, and energy!

5. It's Easier on Your Employees

As mentioned previously, enlisting the services of a professional moving company takes the strain off your already stressed-out employees.

Moving is a taxing task, both physically and mentally. Sure, each employee should be tasked with packing up their own desk. But they cannot be expected to pack up an entire office when it's not in their job description or included in their monthly salary.

While some employees may be more than willing to help, it's just not worth the risk for your business.

Personal injury, equipment damage, furniture damage, missing stock - this is all a reality when tasking employees to help with your office relocation.

Stick with the professionals who are adept at packing, moving and relocating in a timely, streamlined fashion.

6. Professional Movers Are Insured

Even if you have a small office without much to move, the sum of your equipment and business technology is pretty hefty, right?

To add to this, when a piece of equipment is damaged it could take weeks to fix, which only mean increased downtime.

The truth is that accidents happen and even if your office relocation is small or close by, professional movers have the insurance to cover these accidents.

Most commercial movers will offer two variations of insurance so you'll be fully covered in the event of loss or damage to equipment and furniture.

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